LEED facilities and pollution studies in the Smokies.

This past week we had the opportunity to meet with the parks' science coordinator Paul Super. We were able to view an amazing research facility and more beautiful landscapes. We also discussed some of the work that the park is doing to identify and treat pollution in the park. 

Twin Creeks is an amazing LEED certified research facility found within the park. Paul led us out there to meet with the park's GIS manager and to show us around the building. We had an opportunity to discuss what the park is currently doing to identify the relevant issues in the park which are threats to the parks resources. We spoke briefly about research which has studied system wide affects, sound pollution, light pollution, acid rain pollution, stormwater runoff, habitat protection, and so much more.

Over the past two weeks our research group has focused on pollution, sustainability, and low impact design. We have research these issues through readings, precedent studies, and by reading the Landscape Architecture Program's most recent publication, Low Impact Development: Opportunities for the PlanET Region. Below are our precedent studies. We explored materials, restorative designs, atypical pollution types, and more.

We look forward to the rest of our research and findings. Our current idea is to create educational modules which park visitors can access via their mobile devices. These could be downloaded on the parks website or viewed on the web after scanning a QR code found on park signage. Here are few images from our visit to Twin Creeks Research Facility. Keep checking back for more research and pictures.