Protecting park resources and reducing human impacts.

Light Pollution, Sound Pollution, Invasive species management, and stormwater management are all sources pollution that you and I contribute to. Each of our individual research topics are under way. The below are our final precedent studies. We looked at visitor management. Numerous techniques and programs are enacted in parks to protect resources and educate users about their actions both positive and negative. Check them out by clicking on each image.

We have begun our research for GIS data and are currently developing our individual projects. Zijing Xu is going to be creating an education module on light pollution. Macvan Scott is exploring the impacts of sound pollution. Jessica Neary is looking into vegetation management and exotic invasives. I will be exploring the historical design of national park roadways and how pollution is created from these roads and parking lots.

Our research will explore GIS data sets such as hydrology, topography, roads, vehicle counts, vegetation cover, soils, surrounding cities and airports, and much, much, more. Over the next few weeks we story board our ideas, present to the National Park staff, and refine our ideas and presentations/modules. 

Be sure to keep checking back for our updates!