Semester end...only too soon.

If you are or ever were in design school you learn to love the end of the semester. Projects are getting checked off your list of to do's. All nighters are fading from memory as sleep becomes a part of your daily routine. And you get to clean your desk area as though purging on a binge diet. I say desk 'area' because at this point in the end of the semester you desk has now begun to leak onto the floor and walls, onto your neighbors' desk, and even hangs from the ceiling and throughout the building. 

I hope to have my website updated over the next few weeks. I have decided to move to a more collective arrangement as my current and future begin to merge. I have begun creating for professional designs and studio is not always the work I would like to focus on. Other courses and endeavors are here and I have to find a way to curate them in a better more collected fashion.

Keep your eyes out for extended versions of the following images.