New Landscape Architecture Projects Series for a New Year!

2013 brought over 1500 visitors to my website and over 3500 page views. I hope to tackle 2014 with fresh content and engaging photographs, studio projects, and more. Keep watch over the next few weeks for announcements about new studio projects, additional Landscape Architecture Project series, and maybe an official section for interviews with top landscape architects from around the world.

One new series on my website will be a Landscape Architecture Project series based on my travel to Italy this past summer. I will introduce you to numerous historical and popular landscapes, gardens, and civic spaces. Plan on getting a photographic tour, historical knowledge, and maybe some architectural graphic representation to help us better understand the design of the project.

The first Italian Renaissance garden which we will explore will be the wildly odd Parco di Mostri in Bomarzo, Mr Viterbo, Italy. 

Here is a sneak peek at the garden!