Partnering with Harmony Family Center adoptions and other activities!

This semester is going to be packed full of wonderful opportunities. Here is the LowDown:

1. Studio partnership with Harmony Family Center a local adoption agency

2. Latent Realities: a scalar study of the works of the Tennessee Valley Authority

3. Advanced Landscape Construction

4. Independent Research Study in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park


After a busy and short break this winter we are all back at college ready to bang out another semester in year two. Many of us are taking a variety of electives and attempting to gain ideas for our thesis next year. We have basic skills and are ready to use them.

This semester our studio will be partnering with Harmony Family Center, an adoption agency here in the East Tennessee. We will build on a previous studios work (inventory and analysis). Our goal will be to generate ideas for master plans and site implementations which facilitate the therapeutic services of the center. I am really excited about this opportunity as my previous graduate degree is in Marriage and Family Therapy. I hope that my understanding and experience in facilitating healing and relationship building will be of benefit.

In Latent Realities we will be exploring the hidden realizations of the works of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Our focus and scale will be scalar in nature, much like the Eams video 'Powers of Ten'. We are looking to explore how the works of man have changed the culture and society from what it once was. We will be using Rhino and GIS extensively and hope to produce some fairly impressive visualizations which call to question traditional mediums of map representation. 

I will post later about our Independent study in the Smokies. That should be fantastic. I love the Smokies!!!

Have a great week.