University of Tennessee Landscape Architecture Students to attend Cullowhee Native Plants Conference this week.


Whitney Tidd and Cameron Rodman, Graduate Students at the College of Architecture + Design will be attending the Cullowhee Native Plants Conference this week and weekend. Tidd and Rodman plan to join in the poster session Thursday morning at the conference. Their presentation board covers the Native American Interpretive Garden which is found on the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture's campus. 

This year celebrates the 30th Anniversary for the Conference which is held at Western Carolina University. Among the conference attendees will be native plant professionals and general enthusiasts. Daily workshops, field trips, and seminars will cover everything from plant propagation, photography, how to design for green infrastructure, and more. The conference is sure to be a success. 

Tidd and Rodman will be joined by Garry Menendez (UT Associate Professor - Registered Landscape Architect) and Sam Rogers (recently retired UT Associate Professor - Registered Landscape Architect). Sam Rogers was one of many key influential individuals whose efforts moved the Native American Interpretive Garden forward. In 2008, he was called upon by Dr. Fred Allen (Faculty Advisor to Gamma Sigma Delta at the time) to update and enhance the original 1970s Indian Mound Park concept.

Since its major renovation was completed in 2011 the garden has seen thousands of footsteps walk its paths. Daily the garden is filled with lunch goers, students of native plants and general plants classes, and the general public. The garden serves as an excellent transition space from once side of the agriculture campus to the other side. Even more importantly, the garden serves as a tangible reminder of the culture that came before us and still lives among us. (The Woodland People and The Cherokee Nation - Eastern Band)

Take the time to check out the conference home page link below as well as the full size presentation board.