Italy photo page to be released in the next week.

I had the opportunity to travel Italy May 11th - May 27th. Needless to say the trip was incredible! I really looked forward to this trip as I wanted to practice my photography and my sketching while abroad. I traveled in Rome, Pisa Florence, Tivoli, the Chianti wine region, Venice, and more. Our group was 17th strong and a pleasure to travel with.

Boboli Gardens Statue.jpg

Our stops along the way were varied. We visited gardens mostly, but also took the time to visit sea side cities, urban areas, country sides, and multiple civil spaces. I was able to photograph most every place we visited despite a few rainy days.

I hope to finish my final touches on the photos over the next week and then place them in my photography section under the Italy folder. I hope everyone enjoys them and gets a taste of Italy. Ciao!