Final presentation for studio project #4...

Master planning is essential to developing cities and parks in a smart and effective way. Project four focused on creating a master plan for a south water front River Bluff property. We spent a few weeks in analysis and wrapped up the project with about two weeks in design and representation.

We were encouraged to find a style of representation which we appreciated and to replicate the main features. From the beginning of my project I decided to market my project specifically to our client. I chose to use the color schemes and design ideas found on our client's website. In doing so, I would be creating a product which they could quickly read and easily understand.

Our project site was a 70 acre tract of land found on the south waterfront of Knoxville, TN. Currently the property is owned by Legacy Parks and is under design review by Barge Waggoner of Knoxville. The property sits directly across from The University of Tennessee. The landscape alternates between valley and peak with two man-made ponds. A series of rocky bluffs exist on the river front from which visitors visit to overlook downtown Knoxville and beyond.

My project focused on expanding the branding of 'Outdoor Knoxville' by creating an experience in which users could elevate their experience with each other and nature. The design boast four zip lines, a high ropes course, low ropes course, tree canopy camping, climbing wall, and much more. I also developed some graphic design elements through the creation of a brochure which would hold the map on the other side. You will also find some site analysis that I conducted early in the project.

Check out my full design located on my 'Studio' page - 'Spring Studio 2013' Project 4.

Master Plan | River Bluff Park

Master Plan | River Bluff Park

Image: Map design/color was based on the works of the map designs. The masterplan property layout was based around a loose existing trail system.