New tutorial for splatter effects!

Hey everyone,

esterday I came across an effect to transform regular images into images that have a dynamic and fun feeling. The process is simple and uses basic Photoshop techniques.
 Just follow the quick easy steps below to get the image that you want.

Step 1: Import your image into Photoshop and mask out the portion of the image that you want to highlight.

Step 2: uplicate this image and scale it larger behind the original image.

Step 3: o on-line and download some splatter paintbrush sets. Turn off the duplicated image in the background. Apply a mask layer to your original layer and paint (with the splatter brush) black over your mask layer. This will hide parts of your original image.

Step 4: urn on your duplicated image in the background. Apply a full mask to the duplicated image so that it is not showing. Paint white (with the splatter brush) on your duplicates mask layer. This will reveal portions of the larger image which is currently hidden in the background.

Step 5: On a new layer, paint splatter paint to the side of your image and create a dark massing to work with. Then paint again adding a color of your choice. (I chose hot pink since my daughter loves this color.)

Step 6: On a new layer choose a text, scale it, place it over the splatter massing, and splatter some more color over the text to rough up the edges.

There you go! Enjoy. Experiment and see what other images you can create with this technique.