Presentation & Design class...

Throughout the semester I have been working my way through a Presentation & Design course at UTK. We have been focusing on typology, composition, layout, logo design, and a variety of other topics. We have worked on three main projects during the semester in order to culminate these experiences into a deliverable product.

Project 1 focused on typology and connecting layout to photographs (and more). Here we were given a series of sentences and were to chose a photograph which represented this sentence and/or concept.

Project 2 focused on selecting a built object or place and associated text. We were then to design a two page spread and layout for an article.

Project 3 was stationary design. We designed a personal logo/mark and then moved into resume/cover letter/business card design. This project will be revealed at a later date when I release my new site branding.

This course was definitely worth the time put into it. Enjoy. If you have any questions just shot me an e-mail.

*(Images in Project two are from a variety of copyrighted books. The project was an academic exercise in layout. No claim is made on these photographs.)