Sally Jewell to become new Secretary of the Interior...

REI’s chief executive is the new Interior Secretary. In an overwhelming 87 to 11 vote by the Senate, Sally Jewell has stepped into the position which will have great effects on multiple professions across the US. From drilling to renewable energy and even the National Park Service and the jobs that Landscape architects will have made available.

She was in the past a former petroleum engineer as well as a board member for the National Parks Conservation Association. She seems to have been on both sides of the fence. On one side she was with those who seek to preserve natural resources and on the other side with those who seek to utilize natural resources.

Politics aside, it will be interesting to see what changes take place over the ensuing years as she navigates her way through the political world.

Read these four brief articles for more information on her history and comments regarding her plans for future conservation and use of natural resources.

Photo: AP

Sally Jewell and President Obama. (Photo source: AP)

Sally Jewell and President Obama. (Photo source: AP)