New branding look to take place over the next month...

Evening everyone. Over the next month you should see a new look roll out for my website. I am currently working on branding in my presentation and design class. You should see an actual logo as well as color themes and a cohesive look across my entire site! The new site name will be

However, the older address will still work. This transition will take a few weeks as I will be introducing these changes as I wrap up the semester at school. Please forgive me if any of my pages go missing for a few days or if things are out of sorts.

Thanks for reading my blogs and explore my website. To tie you over until then check out some of my recent photographs from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The wild flowers are bustin out all over the place.

Click the picture below to be redirected to my Facebook site where the photos are located.

Trillium erectum albiflorum.

Trillium erectum albiflorum.