Spring 2013 - Studio Project #1

I spent most of today taking my design from paper to final render. My concept for this first project was more subtle than my previous semester designs. We worked partial in an abstract conceptual mode for this project. The design was developed in three parts. Phase one was the development of the tree layer. Since our project was named '100 Trees', we were to pick a word and tree that embodied this word. Then, we were to develop a spatial layout of these trees that developed our concept.

My word was 'mystery' and my tree was the 'Table Mountain Pine' (Pinus pungens). I created a path from the edge of my site and spun the path in on itself in a similar fashion to the mathematical golden rectangle. Next we were to develop our concept and site with a ground cover. This could be a plant material or inert material. Since I was working towards a feeling that evoked a sense of age and history I chose rubble.

I looked to the Roman forum as well as a recent ASLA winning residential design for my precedence. I developed these pieces of rubble in a arc around my central courtyard so as to emphasize its centrality and hierarchy. I hoped to have the person walking on the path sense the oncoming arrival of some unknown place as these arcs became more and more tight.

Third, I was to use topography to further elaborate my concept or mystery. I believe that traveling upwards toward a destination which one cannot see creates a sense of curiosity and tension which cannot be found in traveling downward and into a viewable space. So I choose the former.

This is the basic parts of my design and concept.

Regarding my design I started with a basic SketchUp model and worked it in Photoshop. I then played around a bit with filters and gradient maps. Check out the picture labels for a step by step progression.