2013 Fall Studio Images Now On-line!

As I write this I am becoming more conscience of that fact that we (designers) so often simplify our efforts and ideas into a few visually engaging images or artifacts. Over the past two years I have been exploring hand and digital graphics within the field of landscape architecture and other similar design fields. I have found myself questioning if these images are enough. Do they communicate entirely our concept and purpose? Do they do so clearly? 

Process Drawing (Click to Expand)

I am not convinced.

To this point I will be moving back through my projects and adding 'design process' drawings; both digital and analog. Here is one such example of my process drawings blended with my final drawing. It is rough, but that's the point. Design takes a large amount of thought.




Anyway, this LINK will take you to my 2013 Fall Studio page. My most recent works from our Gateways studio can be found at the bottom of the page. Here I have a simple gallery of images which encapsulate our teams work and my individual final project.


Keep your eye out for a updated portfolio this next month.

Also, watch HERE for my upcoming release of my recent interview with Landscape Architect Peter Walker of PWP Landscape Architecture. 


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