Semester focus...

As the 1st portion of our first studio project has ended I find myself looking to the remainder of the semester and asking myself what I want to focus on in my spare time (which is limited). There are so many areas that I find myself interested in, therefor it is difficult to chose. However, having limited time and many responsibilities I have choose two areas.

The first area that I will be studying in my spare time is graphical representation. I will be looking at traditional hand rendering and contemporary digital graphics. My plan is to study through multiple media and from multiple sources. My hopes are to gain a greater understanding of the methods that exist and to practices each of these methods over the next semester. Eventually, I would like to develop a method and style of my own.

I plan on learning from some friends recommendations that Mike Lin is a great asset. He has two books which I will be completing. I will also be browsing through various other design books and beginning to pay attention to how designers represent objects. This will be a good semester to do this as I have a design studio and a presentation design class.

My second area of study will be based around the sociological realm and ethical land use. I am still further developing this idea that will hopefully lead towards a strong Thesis in two years time. I naturally have a voice for injustice. While it is not fully educated or fully developed I hope to have it so in a few years. I am interested in public lands such as national parks. Many public lands have displaced people in order to make these lands available.

Anyway, I look forward to the growth that is to come. My goals are to have explored the social justice issue through a literary review and to have greatly improved my representation skills.

Here we go!