Defined by design or designing to define?

Roundhouse Kick Model

People like style. Style is defining, but not in the sense that you are thinking. Nor in the way a teenager thinks style defines or in the way that pop-culture presents style.

Design is Style.

“Every artist…has a way they look at the world…and the art that people make…reflects the way they look at the world.” (Derek Webb)

So if people like style do they like design?

Are they defined by style? Or, does style define them?

A person who understands design uses design effectively and intelligently and understands its purpose and its conveyed message. Many people try to use design to define themselves. However, design is not best suited to make someone or something what it is not. Therefor they cannot be defined by style or design.

Yet, it is possible to have design define someone or something. Design can identify essential qualities or meanings of people and objects. It can tell a story for others. The person who understands this uses design and style appropriately. A story of modesty can be told by the way one dresses or someone’s use of clean white with accents of bold color can reveal someone’s appreciation for cleanliness, order, and simplicity.

Our challenge this project has been to extract meaning from the human form and expand it in a variety of ways. It has been important to see how scale is referenced to the human body and in a way how scale (in the design) defines us.

The man sleeping in a hammock. The man waving his arms as he speaks. The woman embracing her child.

Meaning found in material and designed construction has also been a large task herein. How did we define the overall concept in the details? What details were important to highlight? Each choice in design either supports the primary concept or muddles it.

Through the use of design I defined my concept by…

…to be continued next week after pinups.