Final presentations...

So we have wrapped up our final presentations this week. This site presented itself with so many opportunities that it was difficult to decide which direction to go. One thing for certain is that this is a key piece of real estate for the city of Knoxville. They would be wise to use this land strategically.

My final concept was 'Anorexia Natura'. Anorexia being a lost longing or desire for something because it has been gone or hidden for an extended period. Natura speaking to nature and where we have come from or have been born from. Thus, a lack of longing or desire for the natural world that we have come from but has been so thoroughly removed from our perception.

My first board presented the way I conceptualized the problems for our site and its transition from a once wild/rugged river/railroad community to one which has become dominated by poor planning, urban sprawl and the covering of everything natural.

Board two speaks to re-elevating the pedestrian and revealing nature.

Board three consists of a few representations. I tried a variety of representations types this time mainly to get experience.

Well, that's it for the semester. I will be creating a portfolio for this semester and posting it. I am no longer required to keep this website. However, I plan on continuing to develop its contents and layout each week. I have two and a half more years in school and plan on using this site as a asset. Thank you for reading my blogs and commenting. See you next week.