The spaces inbetween.

The spaces in between.

| Random thoughts throughout the process. |

Has society developed ‘Anorexia Natura’? If Anorexia is ‘the loss of appetite, especially when prolonged’ and Natura has a relation to ‘to be born’, have we been so separated from nature for such a long time that we no longer recognize our hunger, our need for it? How dull our senses must be at this point if we can’t even recognize this forgotten desire.

Therefore, how could I reveal this need, this forgotten wildness? To what degree would I want to reveal and reintroduce this wildness? At what scale and ferocity would it be appropriate within a city center?

-Reveal- to uncover, reveal, to make (something secret or hidden) publicly, or generally known. To unveil, discover, expose, telling, uncover, uncloak, unmask.

I love this idea that nature has been hidden. That nature is a secret. The biggest thing in existence is unknown. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to create some secret garden and re-hide nature. I want to expose it.

We have separated ourselves from the sinews of life and replaced them with artificial arteries, screening the natural world from view and covering it up with steel and concrete. This atrocity and brutalism drives nature further from our desires. Temporary comforts overtake our need to be connected to where we have come from.

Opportunities to reveal and see where we have come from, what we are longing for. Who wants to live in parking lots? We need spaces full of cultural dignity that speak to where we are presently and the things that we have covered up from long ago. The site can be a statement for this hidden nature.

If the city has broken down nature and has hidden it beneath blankets of concrete and caged it in with steel how can nature break free showing its yearning for freedom? Would nature creep up between cracks slowly retaking its land and claiming its rightful ownership? Would it demand to be noticed? What would that look like? Would it align to man’s unnatural geometries? Would its course be more noticeable?