Is it possible to do much with little? Also, is it possible to take a lot and make a large impact with a small but significant move? As a young designer (referring to experience), it is easy to proceed without first taking a step back. Ideas and desire are plenty. However, it is important to step back and assess if my ideas are as effective as they are intended. I have learned a lot this semester and have high ambitions for this final project. At the same time though, I have a feeling of apprehension about making too strong a move on our site. At first I thought I should exercise the majority of what I learned so that I would appear sophisticated and learned in my newfound knowledge. I wanted to take each nook and cranny of our site and program it or alter it in a new way. I wanted to spice it up with the newest designs and techniques for waste-water management or have a fancy pathways system. 

I am questioning that now.

Maybe I have been looking at the cover of LAM too much or only doing case studies of high profile landscape architecture designs. Maybe what makes a good design isn't being ‘great’. Maybe what makes a good design is being 'good'. I mean, who wants to eat high dollar steak all the time? After a while, wearing a suit gets old and people just want to go home to their t-shirts and shorts.

So...maybe in order to maintain the integrity of this site and make it feel like home I need to fit it with a white t-shirt.

Time will tell.