Embodyment-Final presentation

A few weeks later, we have arrived at the completion of project two: Em(body)ment.

We pretty much ran this project into the ground, analyzing and designing it. Taking a project based on the human scale and its ability to imply/convey meaning was challenging at some points and enjoyable at others. I chose the action of a roundhouse kick and conducted a graphical analysis, representing it similar to a photographic sequence.

From this analysis I designed a three dimensional concept which was represented with cardboard. The majority of my design work was developed in this process. Overall shape, meaning, and details were a result of wrestling with the tectonics and implications of this material as well as the iteration process. As the iteration process proceeded, a base came about that was representative of a person’s core twisting. The wall was representative of the rising kick and the extension of the leg. The spine was representative of the turning of the foot and the shifting of weight/force from the core to the ball of the foot.

Two presentation boards were created for the final presentation. These boards highlighted the meta-narrative of "FORCE" and the two subtext 'Rise' & 'Rotation'  I also diagrammed the important parts of the model as well as the rotation in the rise and rotation realms.

Feedback provided throughout the design process, as well as during the review, helped me to see strengths and weaknesses in my design.

*Good distillation of concept - beautiful, graceful model - great shape - good abstraction.

*Work on continuity between various representations - present design content and ideas, avoid reading the text on the boards - could have showed force better by placing greater density of material at tip of model (kick) or could have changed meta-narrative to “RELEASE”.

This project was important in helping me further understand the process that exist between graphical representations, digital representation, and modeling (with physical materials). Also, I expanded my knowledge on how to represent meaning from body posture into multiple medias.