Final pin-up

Recently I read about how landscape architects have a tendency to over use and romanticize the ‘plan’ view of their drafting design. I wasn’t sure how aware of this I was in myself or others. Yet, I do recall seeing many plan views displayed in Landscape Architecture Magazine and other medias. As part of this design  we were to draw at least four section cuts. The four cuts really helped inform my design. As I drew them I began to understand the space that I had created. I saw better which parts did not work and which parks were working. Also, it was through the detailed section cuts that I was able to see the site details such as the shapes of the site furnishings and the views across the site.

For our final pin-up we did not have a typical jury presentation. We went through a round-robin styled presentation. We would stand in front of our designs and boards and present to small groups as they worked around the room.

A few of the jurors had some good insight into what worked in the site design, what did not work, and what could be better if thought through more. Some other jurors were all too excited to express their opinions without fully understanding the site. It seemed as though these jurors were more interested in monologuing than dialoging.

Some of the improvements that could have been made were the following: I could have continued the theme of a central spine with intersecting paths onto my upper site in a similar manner. I took some time to address this portion of the site during design. But it could have used a greater emphasis on the intersecting paths.

I think I could have better represented my ideals with a bigger scale model and better boards. But time isn’t always available. Considering this, I feel as though I looked very intentionally at the sites context and how it could best be used.

On to another studio project…