Site Design

I had another busy week this week. The state ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) had their annual conference in Franklin, TN. So we had less time this week to develop our ideas and designs.

I do feel, however, that I was able to generate some good design details and overarching themes for my site. My major theme throughout the site is that of a spine (path) cutting diagonally across my entire site. This path will serve as the major pedestrian collector. Along this path, there are intersecting paths that will serve as minor pathways to a variety of portals that are located on the perimeter of the site.

I have purposely placed each of my portals (entries) to control views and entry into my site. I then used these portals as the endpoints for each of my paths. This geometry aligned to my main idea of a central ‘spine’. I then programmed and cladded the resulting shapes in between the paths so that they exist as unique places within the larger context of the site.

I found it extremely important that each of my portals worked within the context of the surrounding sites. For instance, I placed a portal (entry/exit) on one side that abuts a square grassy courtyard that has a tree grove feel. I designed the area leading up to this portal to mimic the tree grove feel so that pedestrians can lounge within this site.

I have also looked at much of my site as it relates to my main theme of spine and the shapes that result. For instance, I started with a basic seat/end cap bench structure and altered the designs to match the more acute angles found at the paths intersections. My plant design will consist of a more relaxed meditative palette. I hope to use plants that will further define the spaces in my sight by their motion, color, and smell.

Well, that is it for now. This Friday is the final pin-up. I will be posting the final model and drawings sometime after. Have a great week!